My Nokia E71

Got it on June 11, 2009.

Another gadget.

Set up the WLAN: It does not recognize the Network automatically. The whole connection process is very confusing: you cannot connect to a network without browsing! And if you go to a page which is in the cache, the connection is only opened when you go to another page -> then it fails, and does not even ask for a username/password.
I try the settings which I get for other devices.
Niokia N810: WLAN/eduroam/Infrastruktur/WPA mit EAP/TTLS/Zertifikat: Keine/MSCHAPv2/EAP: kein manueller Benutzername

I browse the web and find:
It tells me to update Nokia PC suite, the firmware …
Ok. I’ll do… Actually, most software I use need actualization every time I use it.
… I have to reboot my Computer after installing the new Nokia PC Suite…
… and I have to install a Nokia Software Updater …
successfull … but when I start it, it waits a while and then sayes “Some components are missing. Please install again.” I do so, but doesn’t help.
So I deinstall with the System settings…
… cost some time, but finally nothing works. I find an (old?) FAQ on the Nokia Homepage that it was only tested with XP! Nokia is really an unprofessional company, whatever number of mobiles they sell. So I switch on an old XP computer, install the software, reboot, … and the programs runs – and I learn that the firmware is up to date. A few hours wasted. Why is there no “About” dialog in the gadget which tells me the firmware version? Would have saved a lot of time!

Finally, I decide the language to english, since I cannot find out the meaning of the german parameter names. Nokia should stop translating english terms, if no corresponding german terms exist! The ad-hoc invented translations make no sense, and one cannot search them on the web.

Suddenly, in the acces point dialog points like MSvCHAP etc. appear, and I can configure them. Later on they disappear again. But now the networ at the university works. Maybe it is LEAP what works?

The same game starts when I try to connect to my SpeedTouch at home. Tha device asks for the preshared-key (this is correct) and thinks that it is connected. However, my router does know nothing about that, and the E71 complains that “No gateway reply”.

This seems to be a general problem, which all of the Nokia devices have – all Nokia software seems to be crap.

By the way – there is no Nokia Hotline in Austria. They know why.

**** Correction: there is a hotline. See below. *****

I enter the name of the gateway etc. directly into the acces point – no improvement. I thank that at least the message by the N71 is wrong. The other problems may come from the SpeedTouch, but I have no possibility to debug this.

June 19, 2009

Connect the Laptop through the E71 to the internet

I was not surprized, but this was hard. Took me two days. Conclusion: the Nokia PC Suite which is advertized for this purpose, is crap. I should hace followed the advice “Never use the driver CDs sold with the hardware“.

I had good luck that the E71 is provided to me by may university and they have helpdesk. I was there, and they are smart people, who connected the device without the PC suite over bluetooth (modem name is now “Standard 33600 bps modem”), and it simply works. I deinstall the PC suite, and I promize I will never ever use the CDs coming with the devices.

The also showed me the austrian Nokia help line: say: Wenden Sie sich via Online-Formular oder Servicenummer 0810 281 900 (6,8 Cent/Min) von Montag bis Freitag 09:00 bis 21:00 Uhr an Nokia Spezialisten. I can find this with Google now, but I still cannot find it clicking through the site.

Connect using the USB cable:

I install the PC Suite and connect the Phone; as I almost expected, I cannot connect to the Internet straightforward. Btw: I have to connect the E71 in the “PC-Suite” mode; the “connect PC to internet” mode does not work at all. However, a Network connection named “Nokia E71 USB Modem (OTA)” was created. I configure this by entering the provider data in the manual configuration form in PC suite.  I also enter the additional configuration string; Unfortunately, I cannot connect.

I add the DNS servers as for the N810, and I repair the modem initialization string (not available from the Network settings, but only from “Modems”):


CGDCONT must be uppercase! I get a GPRS connection now.

Connect it to TomTom Go 730 as handsfree set – failure

When I set up the Bluetooth connection to use it as a handsfree set for My Nokia E71 in my car, it apparently works. however, when I want to use it the next day, it does not connect (weel it says “connected” every few seconds, with the croosed-out mobile symbol always on the screen, and calling from the TomTom does not work, and you cannot hear any calls).

I have to delete and reestablish the connection every time, which is too time consuming to really use it.

I clear the connection from both devices, reset the TomTom, take the battery out of the Nokia E71 – and again the same problem. The first connection works, the following fail.

This may be connected to the fact that the E71 shows a speaker (in the connection manager) as the symbol for the TomTom, respectively a headset (on the home screen). I think it interprets the device wrong.

I put the SIM back into my old Nokia 6012, establish the bluetooth-connection – no problem.

I would not buy the E71 again.


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