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If you want to know why Nokia will perish…

December 4, 2011

… just connect any Nokia device via USB to a PC: endless Installation of “drivers”, probably bloatware. If you do the same with an Android device, you can access the SD card contents after a few seconds. My laptop now is “installing” for some 15 minutes after I connected my wifes Nokia 3710 fold…


A SAMSUNG N150 for my wife

December 3, 2011

I fetch the netbook I had given to my mother and set it up for my wife.

First problem: sleep mode not available. I have to stop “SAMSUNG Fast boot”: See, a typical case of bloat (crap) ware.

Samsung seems to be another of those stupid companies bloating their customers. Please consider: these are customers who have paied. The have paid because they do not want adware. If you bloat them, they will buy another harware next time. We want a clean Windows (or Android) if we buy your Hardware. If you could do better than Microsoft or Google, you would sell software, not Hardware.

If your marketing department tells you different, fire them. They sell only temselves, not your products. If you are the CEO of SAMSUNG and from the marketing department, plese tell me, I will sell my shares. This company is doomed.

After disabling Fast Boot I can configure the suspend to disk.