Archive messages from IMAP with Thunderbird Add-On SmartSave

  1. SmartSave settings:
    Show report when finished
    Extension: .eml
    User defined format: [YEAR][MONTH][DAY]_[HOUR][MIN][SEC]_[RANDOM] (uses only numebrs- all the predefined formats fail if there is a special character in the subject, name, etc; the file is then missing!)
  2. move all the messages you want to archive into one IMAP folder
  3. File > Offline > Get selected files ( to download all message bodies (smart save will store the messages without warning and without attachments otherwise!).
  4. Right click folder, “Export messages with smart save”
  5. Wait… (you can look into the export folder to see the files arriving)
  6. Check report for number of files, compare with number of files in IMAP folder, and number of files in local Windows folder.
  7. Delete files from IMAP folder
  8. Clean up names and dates of e-mails with my script below

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