Windows Vista wininit.exe listens on Client-Port 49152

I encountered a port conflict between a proprietary server programmed by some university (actually running on my own computer) and Microsoft Vista: Vista wininit.exe listens to port #49152 – actually, servers should use addresses from 0-49151, 49152 onward is for temporary connections of clients. This mistake can be forgiven to non-commercial university groups, but probably not to an international company like microsoft.

Moreover, there is no documentation by microsoft on the web what this wininit is, and whether one can close the port.


2 Responses to “Windows Vista wininit.exe listens on Client-Port 49152”

  1. Nicole Stone Says:

    Any further info on wininit.exe port 49152? I see its always listening on my system and failed the grc leaktest as responding to probes. Would like it to at least stealth somehow ?

    it didnt allow data in, just responded. If its an internal net thing would like it invisible somehow to the internet.

  2. petersteier Says:

    Sorry, I have found no further information on the web on this process, but for the mere fact that it is part of Microsoft Vista.

    Good luck with your investigations, please post your findings somewhere for the communitiy if you find out more.

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