I’ve got an IRISnotes 1.0

did not cost a lot of money, and the harware seems good, but the software is crap and thus the device is not useful for me.

What the device should do:

* produce notes files which are the page image as .pdf or some other common format, with automatically created hand script recognition hidden from the eyes from the user under the page image, but which allows full test searches, and copy and paste to MS Word, etc.

* interface with Windows Journal (which does this job perfectly if used with a Tablet PC).

Actually, there is no useful way to produce anything similar with the present software. What the device can’t do:

* it does not provide any useful dat exchange properties which keep the hand script information. It just allows you to export the notes as proprietary .pegvf, which can be read by no other software in the world, and as JPEG. JPEG is just a bitmap, and does not preserve the strokes of the handwriting. It is not feasible in the next few years that there will be a techology to do OCR on bitmap hand script. Thus, you can as well delete the note, you will not be able to use it again.

* It does not support Tablet PC hand script recognition. Thus, all training you have done to the Windows Vista hand script engine is ignored. Thus, the recognition quality (MyScript) is low.

* You have to send the notes individually to hand script recognition with MyScript, and then save the result. The connection between the hand script file and the recognized text is thus lost.

* Full text search on the documents does not work.

Thus, I suggest that you refrain from buying the product until it supports the Windows hand script recognition engine, and stores the files in .jnt (Windows Journal) format.

I hope somebody from the company reads my blog.

I have to correct myself: one can send a complete set of notes to MyScript, and save the results as one .notes file. This is a plain text file, one can add it to the windows search index. The .notes files contains also the lines strokes. Thus, an utility to convert .notes to .jnt should be possible…


8 Responses to “I’ve got an IRISnotes 1.0”

  1. Andi Says:

    This was really usefull!! I was very close to buy it yesterday, but then…I started to doubt …good to know!

    Can the program transform your handwritting correctly or should you spend years correcting it afterwards? (my handwriting is quite messy…)

    Thanks for the info!

  2. petersteier Says:

    I fear you will have a lot of work correcting mistakes, 1 per each 5 words. I think it is only useful if you keep the script image, and use the OCR only to extract keywords (which should be written legible, however).

    I wait for a better software.

  3. Andi Says:


  4. petersteier Says:

    I’m actually using the device very rarely. Actually, the battery is always empty when I try to use it, though the battery showed full charged when I switched it off. I think now that the battery indicator is wrong, and shows “full” unless the battery is almost empty.

    If I connect it to the USB then to take notes while charging it, it makes strange things – it foes not work at all if connected to a laptop where the software is not installed, and when the software is installed, it opens some window showing online what I’m writing – however, this seems to make the device so slow that the results are unlegible.

    I suggest to the manufacturers: Throw away the existing software and start new from scratch. It should be simple and stupid (no “tablet mode”, etc) and concentrate on the main use of the device, on offline notes. Store the results as .jnt, use the Vista script recognition engine.

  5. Alex Says:

    That was really useful.

    Thank you very much. I think I’m going for a Fujitsu NoteTaker 🙂

  6. Alex Says:

    You have IRISnotes! Try to compare it with IRISnotes Executive. IRISnotes depends on MyScript Notes 2.2 Lite (Basic notes recognition software) while IRISnotes Executive depends on Advanced notesrecognition software. Maybe you bought IRISnotes because you thought that the difference is only additional languages but it’s not right. Please read more about the difference in this link in website of IRIS:

  7. Bilal Safadr Says:

    can you please tell about .pegvf format or its sdk.i am doing a project on signature verification so i need to know about that can you plz help me.

  8. petersteier Says:

    As you can read from my post, I know knothing about .pegvf. Sorry!

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