Save e-mails as folders

I do not like the MIME-encoded .eml files. They hamper access to the contents (e.g. for search engines, and for my Nokia N810). I think the best format would be just a folder with the name of the message, containg the text as .txt file and the decoded attachments.

Research done already:
munpack: Version 1.5 available for DOS at
Unzip into C:\Programme\mpack\
Start from command line with
C:\Programme\mpack\munpack.exe -t <test.eml
Works, but writes the result into the original directory. A little batch programming is needed to create the prope subdirectory. The text-only parts are saved without proper extension (.txt or .html)

Major disadvantages yet to be solved:
* The headers are lost
* Clicking in the mail does not open a mail program

I will continue.


Unfortunately, the utility destroys the file names, since it uses 8-char DOS abbreviations. MIME::Explode – Perl extension for explode MIME messages might be an option.


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