My notebook is a convertible;
I was positively surprized by it’s ability to recognize
my handwriting. Actually, I’m writing this blog
in Windows-Journal, and paste it into the wordpress
page then;
What I finally aim at, is a paperless office (respectively
laboratory; I’m a scientist). Not that I hate paper
(I like it’s look and feel. It is the perfect substrate
for fine arts). However, all my notes I wrote on paper
have been lost. Either really lost after some office-changes
(in some wastebasket), or effectively lost (un-findable
in same folder on my shelf). So my conclusions:
1) paper is volatile; only bits and bytes last
forever (PSPO).
2) one can never find a bit again, unless it is
in some full-text index(PSPO).

And one technical finding:

0) OCR cannot recognize my scanned handwriting, but it recognizes my handwriting directly on a Tablet PC.

Altogether, I came to the conclusion:

-1) Don’t write on paper; type into a computer or write directly on a TabletPC; future will show whether I’m right.

P.S.: The first problems to post:

1) Mozilla Firefox [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; de; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/] does not always paste text with stylus gestures; however, Ctrl-V works. Must have been some effort to implement this bug. l have no solution. I will post it here if I find one.

2) Windows-Journal 6.0.6000 dims out the option “Keep line breaks…” sometimes, sometimes not. When I pasted the text above, it did. So sorry for the line breaks. And, yes, Windows-Journal does not allow to copy the version number from the “About” dialogue. I had to retype it (Firefox allows this).


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